Production Notes


Kim Cummings had this story rolling around in her head for years.  After attending the IFFM in 1998, she was inspired to make a short film and this was the story she wanted to tell.  Originally planning a production in Florida with a DP from New York, she set about making contacts and inquiring after crew.  The only problem was she couldn't get actresses to audition.  When a musical theater director who was helping her with casting was arrested for bank robbery, she decided to pack up and move the production to New York. 

Once that decision was made, Cummings hooked up with Craig Austin of Austin Films! Inc. and a partnership was forged.  They scouted locations, cast the film with three very talented young women and crewed up in two months.  It is a real testament to the cast and crew that this twenty-two minute film was shot over a three-day weekend.  In that short time the production was visited by the police no less than three times after a rumor spread throughout the town that "Weeki Wachee Girls" was a porn film in the making.  Thankfully, a reading of the script by city officials convinced them that this was a film worth standing behind.

Katie and Emily in the living roomEliza Pryor Nagel and Wendy Gardner